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- Christmas Gifts are now open~ Just log the cards you are taking ^-^


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Almost there!!!!!

Joey | 10 Apr 2011
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We are ALMOST ready to go! I want to make a few more decks, fix up the affiliates, and we should be set~

Looking for staff...
Would anyone want to take over Doubles Exchange and The Puzzle Shop? Let me know if you are interested! Also, current staff, let me know if you are still around!

I've moved forms and the member list over to MyTCG. You guys can log in using your email and the password "resetme" If for some reason this isn't working, email me and I will manually set a new password for you.

I'm doing a few cleanups behind the scenes, but a tentative date for coming back is going to be April 30! ghost_cheers

Keep checking back for updates and news~


Joey | 12 Jan 2011
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Ok. So, activity here is a little beh. Since no one read my post at the forum, I'll just write what I had to say here. I'm bored with this TCG. Activity (both on my end and the member's end) is lacking, which doesn't help. So, right now, I'm putting PuzzleMANIA on a prolonged hiatus.

During this hiatus, I will most likely redo the entire TCG, giving it a theme (not for cards, just for more interesting purposes/activities). You WILL have to rejoin, but you do NOT have to get rid of your cards! I might change the template around a little bit, but since direct linking is allowed, it hopefully will not mess you all up too much.

If anyone would like to help me with the TCG, you can drop me a line at joey@ninja-song.net

For now, games won't be updated and I will only update here occasionally with progress. Feel free to leave me suggestions for what you'd like to see. So yeah.

To be continued

Joey | 01 Jan 2011
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Hey guys, my wrist is acting up today DX Not to mention I'm running on very little sleep and some chocolate covered espresso, so I'm exhausted. Just letting you know that Set B and Monthly Games/Contests are updated!

You guys will get a proper update tomorrow! Happy New Year everyone~

Lucky Rabbit

Joey | 28 Dec 2010
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Sorry for the late update. I got Epic Mickey for Christmas and have been hooked (not to mention we finally had a good snow so I was outside playing hehe). This is our last update of the month and the year! Does anyone else feel like 2010 went by quickly?

Games Set A games are updated, so you can play those. Contest voting is up as well!

New Decks A few new decks for everyone, I hope you like them!

Everyone can take one card from each deck, and comment!

Affiliates Two more! Refer Joey if you join Shout It!~

That's everything for this update I think. Still catching up on forum posts, and since I'm slow, I might be looking for staff. I'll post a forum announcement if I decide I need some more help :3

Anyone have any suggestions on what you'd like to see next year? It can be an event, new games, anything you'd like to see here for 2011! Comment with some suggestions and you can take a random card ^-^

See you all next year!

Tis the season~

Joey | 20 Dec 2010
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For getting lots and lots of presents +_+ Haha, no, I'm not that greedy, I actually like wrapping and shopping for and giving gifts much better~ It's fun! I apologize again for the wait in updating; my hand is just really bugging me! I get to see the hand therapist again Wednesday, so hopefully she can help it out a little more.

Quit Bunny has quit ]:

Level Up Elen (easy puzzle > simple puzzle)

Games Set B has been updated! Sorry for the wait!

New Decks Yes, a few new decks for you today!

Everyone may take three cards, max one per deck! If you tell me one character or pairing you'd like to see released in the next update, you may take an extra card from any of the decks above. Comment!

As you can see, I've put up three gifts for you guys to take. No need to comment on which one you grabbed, just make sure you direct linked the code so that it will open revealing a nice gift for everyone~

This ended up being quite the short update! There will be another late update next week, since it is Christmas and my family is hosting this year. Update will come on the 26th or the 27th, depending on when everyone leaves haha~

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday (or just a safe and happy weekend hehe ^-^)

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